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When it comes to WordPress, we’re the website whisperers.

If your business runs on WordPress, running into technical difficulties can bring you’re your day to a crashing halt.

At Pixel Chefs, our team of friendly WordPress experts makes sure that technical glitches and problems with programming never get in your way. From 24/7 security monitoring to automated backups, performance optimization to custom design, we’re here to provide all of your WordPress website design and support services.

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Expert Help with WordPress

WordPress Professional Support

WordPress Professional Support

We are here to help you resolve your WordPress technical issues, add new features, and answer your questions. We offer services from maintenance and updates to custom WordPress functionality. Anything WordPress!

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WordPress Maintenance

WordPress and plugins are constantly rolling out updates, some of which may compromise your site’s performance. We’ll perform regular maintenance on your site to ensure that everything remains in proper working order.

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Slow WordPress website loading

Slow WordPress Site?

Sluggish loading times send site visitors running for the hills. Speed things up with our WordPress optimization packages. We’ll test and cleanup your plugins, cache databases, compile PHP code, and implement browser caching to keep your site lightning fast.

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Hacked WordPress Site

Hacked Site

Having your website hacked is a headache to deal with and a hurtle to overcome. If you’ve been hacked, our team will remove any infected code and get your site up and running again ASAP. We’ll even offer tips for increasing your level of security to fend off future attacks.

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Wordpress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

Tired of the same old WordPress templates that seem to suck the life out of your brand’s visual appeal? Enjoy WordPress web design services made just for you. Each page will be strategically branded and meticulously polished for an unforgettable look.

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Our professional WordPress services let you get back to running your business.

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Need a WordPress Lifeline?

When something goes array with your business’s WordPress website and you need to find help in a hurry, don’t hesitate to give Pixel Chefs a call. Whether you’re managing a simple business blog or half a dozen sister sites with complex functionality, you simply can’t afford to be sidelined for long – nor should you beat your head against a wall when you could be more effective elsewhere.

At Pixel Chefs, we take pride in offering exceptional, one-on-one WordPress support and candid advice that cuts through the technical lingo. Our goal is to provide no-nonsense, WordPress web development services designed to fully optimize your WordPress for company website.

When it comes to WordPress, we’ll have your back, and get you back on track.