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Custom WordPress technical support and quick fixes to your biggest frustrations

Stop struggling to keep your WordPress website afloat and settle on a smarter solution: professional WordPress support services designed to tackle the problem, target key optimizations, and take the hassle out of your online business.

At Pixel Chefs, we offer comprehensive WordPress technical support whether you need a quick fix to a single issue or ongoing support over the long-haul.

Stuck in the weeds with WordPress?

Whether you’re a small business owner or an upper-level executive, your time is a premium resource – and one that’s always in short supply. Fumbling around with your business’s WordPress website is not the best use of your time or energy. Still, maintaining a top-performing website is the cornerstone of your online business, which is why Pixel Chefs offers WordPress website support and WordPress support fast.

Hundreds of other online companies offer pretty much the same WordPress support services we offer here – but they don’t provide the one-on-one, full-access support that you receive from Pixel Chefs. Other companies may tell you that you need to hire an additional web developer or pay additional fees to fix your WordPress issues. Not here. Here we will fix your issue right away and provide you with higher quality WordPress support online than you can find anywhere else.

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If a WordPress dilemma is wearing you down, let us pick you back up.

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WordPress Website Support Includes:

Our team of talented WordPress nerds provides unlimited support to protect and improve your website.

    • Theme Modifications: Choosing the perfect WordPress theme is more than just falling in love with a stunning design. It’s also about finding the functionality that allows you to display your products and convey your message. If you’re feeling pinched by the limitations of your current WordPress theme, or need help in finding one that works for you, our team will make the WordPress theme modifications that will free you up to do what you need to do online.
    • Errors and Debugging: ven a well-planned site isn´t immune to the occasional hiccup or hacking. But there are lots of proactive measures that can keep your WordPress site healthy and running at full speed. If you feel like something has gone awry with your site, give us a call! We´ll dig into the backend and set things straight. We can even provide monthly maintenance that ensures your site never falls prey to internet errors & bugs again.
    • Custom WordPress Development If your site doesn’t quite fit the standard mold, let us develop a custom WordPress site that allows you to enjoy the look, feel, and functionality that truly fits your business. The front-end of your WordPress site will seamlessly steer clients through to conversion, while the backend does all the heavy lifting. Our team offers custom WordPress development and coding that ensure improved site management and search engine rankings.
    • Woo-commerce Implementation Ready to open your virtual storefront and earn ecommerce business while you sleep? WordPress is an ideal platform that allows you to set up shop online. No matter what you’re selling, a streamlined checkout process and secure system are essential to closing the deal. Let us equip your business with fully-customizable ecommerce capability and watch your business flourish.
    • Banners – Graphics – Galleries The right web copy can take you far, but engaging visuals will make the difference between a WordPress that feels homemade and one that is polished and professional. We’ll work with you to create sleek banners, compelling graphics, and photo galleries that give your site a visual edge. Want to add a pop of color but don’t know where to begin? Our graphic artists will create custom-designs to fit your needs.


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