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Website Speed Optimization

How much do you love hanging out in the waiting room? How much do you enjoy being put on hold?

Not a lot? Well, chances are visitors to your website feel the same way. So if your business webpage or blog is feeling a bit sluggish and page load times are testing your patience, chances are you’ve got a website performance problem on your hands.

As your business grows and your online content expands, you may notice your site straining under the pressure. Thankfully, a few website speed optimizations is usually enough to get everything back on track.

WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Whether you’re managing a website or blog, our WordPress speed optimization services will help you achieve a better user experience, more traffic, higher engagement, and increased sales. With very few exceptions, your website can be as big, image-rich, dynamic, and diverse as you want it to be – but you may have to make a few modifications under the hood.

Not working with WordPress? Not a problem. Our tech experts are able to provide website speed optimization services suitable for a number of different web platforms. Just tell us what you’re working with and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Slow WordPress Site?

Don’t let a slow website slow down your business. Outpace your online competitors with website speed optimization services that evaluates your site from top to bottom.

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What You Get:

  • Full Website Performance Analysis: Pixel Chefs experts will perform a full site analysis to review how your site loads and to detect any bottlenecks or breakdowns
  • Boost Website Loading Time: By decreasing load time and maximizing speed, you’ll enjoy maximum performance and your visitors will never be kept waiting again.
  • Improved User Experience (UX): Online customers and web users are fickle friends which means they’ll quickly leave you in the dust if your website can’t keep up with your competitors’ lightning-fast websites.
  • Evaluation of 15+ Performance Factors: Any number of performance problems and speed-bumps can be lurking in your website’s coding, which is why we carefully evaluate more than 15 factors to eliminate present and future hang-ups: from browser caching and redirects, to JavaScript and image size.
  • Professional Support: We’re proud to offer excellence in technical support and are dedicated to helping you out in any way we can. You can count on us for quick communication, fast turnaround, and candid advice that always looks out for your business’s best interest.
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