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Is your WordPress hacked and malfunctioning? Is your site displaying the “this site may be hacked” warning at Google.com or Bing.com? It’s time to stop hyperventilating and contact our team of web repair experts. We clean most infected sites of malware within hours and un-blacklist websites within 48 hours. Our team will remove all present malware, tighten your WordPress site security, and take proven measures to prevent future attacks.

Starting as low as $249

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Why choose our WordPress Hacked Service:

    • Seasoned Site Paramedics:With more than 7 years of experience, we can squash even the worst web bugs. We´ll assist you with your hacked WordPress malware removal and wipe out any scripts that are wreaking havoc on your site.

    • Quick Response Team: If a WordPress is hacked or a site goes down, it’s the equivalent of a widespread business blackout. We get that. That’s why we share in your urgency to get things back up and running as quick as possible, and promise a 48-hour recovery for most every WordPress patient.

    • Power in prevention: Once your site is back up and running, we´ll outfit your WordPress site with security monitoring plugins that keep it healthy, happy, and immunized against future hacks.


Secure your WordPress Site

In the wake of a WordPress hacking, you need a one-stop-shop site repair service that works closely with you to fix the damage and keep your site safe. We stand behind our many years of advanced WordPress experiences and WordPress hacked service, which is why we guarantee our site repair services. If we can’t return your hacked site to health, we won’t keep a cent.

What is included

    • Guaranteed quick turnaround and a 48-hour recovery for most hacked WordPress sites.
    • Free installation of security plugins that will keep you save from future hackers and the headaches they cause.
    • New and secure passwords for all access points, ensuring that break-ins don’t strike in the same place twice.
    • Standard flat rate billing fee that covers all of the above.
  • Money Back Guarantee!
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