WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Services

Technical tune-ups to help you leave your WordPress worries behind

WordPress is an exceptionally powerful tool for building your online business – but it’s not going to run on autopilot. Just like any piece of powerful machinery or sophisticated software, your business’s WordPress requires regular maintenance and technical tune-ups if it’s going to avoid ending up in a ditch

Focus on your business, not on WordPress site maintenance.

At Pixel Chefs, we provide regular WordPress update services and WordPress maintenance support so that your site is protected and cared for, and you can get back to more important matters. Forget fiddling with website backups, coordinating updates, monkeying with maintenance, and stressing out about security – those can be things of the past.

Rest assured that our expertise and unparalleled customer service ensures that you’ve got someone looking out for you and your business will never be left in the lurch.

WordPress Maintenance Services Include:

Our suite of WordPress maintenance support services lets you choose only the services you need and pay for only the services you choose – no cumbersome WordPress support packages that lock you into expensive fees, just comprehensive support, when and where you need it the most.

  • Expert Site Reviews: give our WordPress experts a chance to examine your site from top to bottom and make strategic recommendations for what you can improve.
  • Database Optimizations: keep your database clean and clutter-free and speeds up your site’s performance in the process!
  • Uptime Monitoring: means that if your site ever goes down, we’ll know about it within minutes and immediately deploy our WordPress experts.
  • WordPress Site Backups: create frequent and reliable carbon copies of your site so that if something goes wrong, it’s never wrong for long.
  • Malware Scans: regularly survey your site and help you identify any suspicious security issues before they become a serious problem.
  • Timely WordPress Update Service:s keep your theme and plugins in ideal working order and ensure that any potential security leaks are quickly patched.
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