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We Are The Design Agency That Design Agencies Turn To For Help

Raleigh Design is a recognized studio that delivers value to their customers with innovative and results-driven approach to design. However, while the design firm is known for their ability to provide excellent design for Central Florida’s leisure and entertainment market, they were falling behind the times and losing customers as a result of their aging online presence.

As a design agency ourselves, our design team kicked it off right away with Raleigh Design and our business leadership developed a vision to help Raleigh Design build a lasting online brand. With our experience in the technical side of website development and SEO, the PixelChefs team got to work to deliver a fully-optimized website build to convert and entertain the Raleigh Design audience.

Design With A Purpose & Passion

Once we built out the vision and finalized the plans, we were able to deliver a stunning website intended to match the quality Raleigh Design. We also optimized the entire site for search engines, and Raleigh Design has continued to enjoy the increased presence and revenue that came with the professional touch of PixelChefs.


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