{ADAPT Programs}

Web Design for Drug Rehab Facilities

Building An Online Strategy For A Leading Drug Rehab Facility

ADAPT Programs provides professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation services throughout the Houston, TX area. PixelChefs was tasked with the responsibility to help ADAPT Programs raise awareness via SEO and PPC for their new rehab centers and help develop a trusting brand.

Due to the nature of drug rehabilitation, our designers took extra care to ensure that the wording, design and messaging of ADAPT Program’s website would reflect the needs of their clients. We were careful to use language that was approachable but also helps guide loved ones toward getting aid and support needed to find sobriety.

Focused Design With A Purpose To Strengthen Lives

To help ADAPT Programs build credibility and trust, our content team set up and manages a blog strategy based on the needs of ADAPT’s target audience.

Together with PixelChefs, ADAPT Programs can reach those who need their services. PixelChefs is proud to provide industry-leading services to help ADAPT Programs grow, but also to ensure that people can find the help they deserve and achieve a life free from the bonds of drug and alcohol addiction.


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