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How to Create Consistent Branding for your Small Business

How to Create Consistent Branding for your Small Business

What is Branding?

A company’s brand is the core of all of their marketing, and in order to be successful, a brand needs to be designed for a targeted audience; be consistent and well planned for future business growth. With a well-designed brand, businesses can promote all of their products and create advertising campaigns that will raise their brand awareness and help to build a long-term consumer base.

The First Steps to a Strong Brand

The first step to creating a strong brand is to recognize and give a face to your target audience. As a business owner this is a vital point to creating your long-term goals and structure the core of your business. Once you target your audience and your business goals are recognized, the design process begins to create a brand that will relate to your audience. You’ll need a strong logo and a brand guide, and also a variety of printed materials such as business cards, appointment cards, promotional postcards, and your business letterhead. Your brand has to be used in all of the places where your potential customers will find out about you, from your website and online local blogs right through to every product that you sell. It doesn’t take a huge amount of money to effectively brand your business and Pixel Chefs can create a brand to fit almost any marketing budget.

Online branding has become a vital part of marketing for even the smallest businesses. Having a website and an online presence raises awareness for your company, and the products and services that your company is providing.  Your company’s website is the first impression that many customers will have of your business and it is important that it represents your brand strongly enough so that you stand out in the memories of your potential customers when they want to make a purchase. If the point of your website is to attract foot traffic to your business then it is important that the branding they see online is consistent with the branding that they will find in your business in person. You can also read our article about the top 5 reasons to invest in a website.

Hire a Professional

In order to make sure that you achieve consistent branding across all of your business activities it is a good idea to have all of your promotional material designed, printed and posted online by a single company. Contact Pixel Chefs small business web design to discuss how we can design and implement a branding, or even a re-branding, campaign for your business. Making brand awareness a key part of your company’s advertising strategy is the most effective method to build a reliable base of customers and grow your business in a competitive market.

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