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Is Online Advertising Enough for a Small Business? Pixel Chefs Orlando Web Design can Help!

Is Online Advertising Enough for a Small Business? Pixel Chefs Orlando Web Design can Help!

At Pixel Chefs Orlando Web Design we offer multiple online services but today we will look at some offline Services we can help you with. Most small businesses can benefit from online advertising because it is cost effective and has a very broad reach. It is easy to imagine that because the internet is so big. Simple just create a Google PPC online ad campaign and the customers will start rolling in. In reality, online advertising is only a part of a larger marketing strategy that should still include many traditional kinds of promotions. Almost two thirds of all smartphone users have searched for a specific business after seeing some form of offline advertising1 so it is important not to ignore this potential source of customers. There are many alternatives to newspaper classified and TV ads where small businesses can effectively promote themselves to build a customer base. Here are some tips from Pixel Chefs

Orlando Web Design:

Print Advertising


Brochures and advertising pamphlets are always a good way to promote your small business, especially when you want to target the local trade. Pixel Chefs, Orlando Grahic Design can create a brochure for your company that can be included in your local paper circulation to reach the customers that live closest to your business’ location.

Use a Promotional Wrap for Your Company Vehicle


Using distinctive livery on your company car displaying your business address and contact details is an effective way to let locals know about your business. People need to see advertising at least seven times before they will act on it and having a mobile advertisement for your company is as visible as you can get. For local services like plumbers and electricians this can be a major source of new customers.

Billboard Advertising


Billboards remain one of the most effective ways to advertise a business. They can hold information including your website address and contact details as well as create an informative image of your business that can all be taken in at a glance. As with the vehicle wrap, billboards work to raise awareness of your brand.

Promotional Products and Mailing Lists

Offer your customers free promotional products or prizes for joining your mailing list. Just like an e-mail subscriber is asking for future promotional material online, people who leave their details with you are indicating that they are potentially interested in using your services in the future. Using promotions and competitions is an effective strategy for staying fresh in your customers’ minds.

Become Engaged Locally

Sponsoring local events or clubs is a tried and true method of creating a positive image of your business in the local community. Giving seminars in your area of expertise at libraries and community centers is another effective way to build a network in the local area that promotes a positive image of your business. It is also good to include your clients in your online advertising by asking for their testimonials or uploading photos of your most loyal customers or competition winners on your social media pages.

The importance of offline advertising may have been forgotten in the age of internet marketing but it is still as important as ever. Creating a holistic image of your business, both online and offline, is the most effective marketing strategy.


1. Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users, Google, February 2012

Alex Alexakis

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