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The Website is Finished, Now What?

The Website is Finished, Now What?

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Keeping a website has become a standard part of operating any type of business. However, there is more to just uploading a site online and waiting for potential customers to find it. Your site needs to attract a targeted audience that will ideally convert to buying customers, so it is vital that your website is set up, optimized and designed for this purpose and it is easy for those customers to find. There are some basic internet marketing practices that you need to follow to make sure that they can. Let’s look over some of them:

Site Optimization

Most traffic to a website will come from the search engines so it is important to make sure that your site is optimized correctly in order to get indexed by them correctly. This begins with a clean design and clean coding and is continued by using your keywords in your content and images to set clearly and define the topic that your page deals with. All images, content, meta tags, Geo tags have to e optimized also. Links are still a large part of SEO and by claiming your business directory listings and generating links to your webpage content on social bookmarking sites as well as finding links that point to your website all contribute to good website optimization.


Because the search engines always give preference to the freshest content in their results, keeping a blog is an important part of any internet marketing plan. It gives you the opportunity to present your business and its products in exactly the way that you want to, while establishing you as a professional expert in your niche. Blog posts also give you something to post links to on social media and other bookmarking sites that will attract new visitors to your website.

Social Media

The best way to let people know that your website is there is to tell them. The place to do that online is on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Creating connections with your customers on social media by sharing links and making comments on their posts is an effective way of raising awareness of your brand generally. Your friends on social media can then be easily directed to your website where you are able to sell yourself to them more directly.

E-mail Lists

Using landing pages to collect the e-mail addresses of people that visit your website is a great way to assemble a collection of contacts with people that you know are interested in your niche. E-mail marketing is considered to be the most effective internet marketing method because your subscribers have volunteered their details in order to receive promotional material from you which implies that they are already predisposed to buying products in your niche.

Internet Advertising

Finding websites where you can place an advertising link to your site is a good way to promote your website for free and is often easily arranged as a direct swap or as an affiliate deal. The traditional pay-per click ads on the internet are also very inexpensive and are an excellent way to attract traffic to your website in the beginning.

Setting up your website is only the first step in a good internet marketing plan. Having a small business web design company will help you to coordinate a strategy and will guide you to get the most out of your internet marketing and let your online customers know that you are there.

Alex Alexakis

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