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Show off Your Restaurant’s Style in Your Menu Design with an Experienced Orlando Graphic Design Studio

Show off Your Restaurant’s Style in Your Menu Design with an Experienced Orlando Graphic Design Studio

Bringing your restaurants concept and theme in to your menu is the most important step to target the demographic that you want to attract.  All restaurant owners work hard at differentiating their restaurant, from their competition by developing their own ambience and style of presentation. Working with Orlando graphic design company  like Pixel Chefs is highly recommended in order to translate  the restaurants concept within the menu and printed collateral and create the  most obvious expression of the kind of food and service that your restaurant offers.

The menu is probably the most important marketing tool for every restaurant as it does more than listing the dishes that are offered. For most customers the menu is the main point of contact with a restaurant as it works like a connection point from the table to the kitchen and it can highly impact the sales by using different design techniques and up-selling strategies. using an Orlando graphic design company you can easily create a menu that will help you up the sales and also  make a memorable connection between your brand and their dining experience.

Match Your Menu Design to Your Restaurant with Orlando Graphic Design

Using the right graphic design for your menu is the best way to let your customers know what sort of service you are providing. A family-friendly eatery won’t be best represented by a sophisticated, leather-bound, tasseled booklet but rather by a brightly clean menu with professional photography.  A high end restaurant’s ambience isn’t shown off in any way by printing its menu on the place mats. Because the diner’s first impression of your restaurant will probably be formed while they peruse your menu it should complement the décor and the style of service that they should expect.

Orlando Graphic - Menu Design

Branding and Your Menu

One of the most effective ways to differentiate any business is by using distinctive branding ( you can read more details on my previous blog about restaurant branding). It is vital to incorporate your restaurant’s branding into the overall menu design so that your customers connect their dining experience with it. Using your branded color scheme for the menu creates a unified image of your business and makes it easier to remember next time that they want to eat out. Consistency is King. Branding on your menu extends beyond including your logo, so naming dishes after your establishment or staff can be used to emphasize the signature dishes that define your restaurant, but try not to over do it unless is part of your theme.

Use a Professional Photographer

When designing the menu it is easy to bring the colors and accents of an established or new brand. The menu is designed to push certain plates and up-sell drinks. A good way to achieve a powerful menu is tho hire a professional photographer. Spend the money for professional photography, never use snapshots or stock imagery. Locally we work with Orlando food photographer Joe Brooks, Joe has the ability to style the food and create  strong images that worth every penny. Always spend upfront and it will pay in the long run. 

Joe Brooks, food photographer

While you have a customer in your dining room you also have the best chance to promote any other services that you provide, and not just the dishes on the menu. Often restaurants forget that their menu is a part of a larger set of marketing tools for their business and so they miss the promotional opportunity. Having a menu that is designed to show off your style as well as your products is the best way to create the memorable brand experience that will encourage customers to come back. To make sure that you have a consistent image for your business it is best to use Orlando graphic design company Pixel Chefs whose experts can create branding that you can be used throughout your business and show off your restaurant’s style.

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