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Whether you’re launching a new site or marketing project, or you just want to improve search results and sales, we’re the best choice when it comes to local business SEO. With Pixel Chef’s local SEO consulting services, you’ll work one-on-one directly with Alex Alexakis. He’s the founder and head pixel chef here, and also the leading Orlando SEO specialist for small and mid-size businesses in Florida and throughout the region.

Alex has a 15-year track record of designing and building successful websites and online businesses for clients. Beyond his search engine optimization skills, he’s also an expert in user interface (UI) and web design best practices.

When you work with Alex and his team of SEO consultants, you’ll see that his no-nonsense approach is based on research and structure. It’s focused on converting website visitors into buyers. He’ll speak candidly about your current website and digital marketing, and detail the methods that can work best to increase your traffic, clicks, and sales.

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What to expect from good SEO consulting services

As the leading Orlando SEO specialists, we’ve helped some well-known local businesses climb to the top. Here’s what to expect from us.

Geographic dominance

With our geo-targeted local SEO consulting service, we help turn online searches into offline sales. Alex and the rest of our team can put your business on the map and make the phone ring with new clients.

Quality content

Search engines rank sites according to their relative values for human visitors, based on the quality of content. Google and the other search engines are using sophisticated algorithms that reward top-quality web content with the highest page rankings.

Good content and expert site structure help potential clients find your site faster and spend more time there, which means more sales. Because Pixel Chefs is the leading local SEO consultant, we know how to improve page rankings for local business searches. We optimize your site to show Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines exactly what they want to see.

More sales

If you work with a good SEO consulting service, your site will quickly receive higher search page rankings, which brings more visitors. Most important of all, we can help keep visitors on your pages longer, and engage them to submit more forms. You’ll have more sales.

Search Engines

SEO Consultant FAQ

Since Alex Alexakis is Orlando’s leading SEO consultant, we’re often asked the following questions by local business owners who want to improve their online presence and sell more.

How does SEO improve my search rankings?

Search engine optimization helps visitors find your website faster, before they discover competitors. The higher your site appears in search results, the more people will find you, and the more they’ll buy. Pixel Chefs is Orlando’s SEO specialist for on page optimization, which means we improve search rankings by making your website search-engine friendly. We do this by improving the site’s structure, page linking, titles, tags, and headings. We’re also the best SEO consultant when it comes to off page optimization. Our goal is to establish relationships and build trust in your brand. We use Google-approved strategies that raise awareness about your content through valuable links to other sites, blogs, social media, and even press releases.

Who are your clients?

For the past 15 years Alex and the Pixel Chefs team have been providing winning SEO consulting services for local businesses here in Orlando and throughout Florida, as well as at the national level. Even though the most dramatic improvements in page rankings usually come for the smallest businesses, here are some of our best-known clients.

Westgate Resorts
Giordano's Pizza
Iberia Bank -
Pro Rider Mag

Do you comply with Google guidelines?

Yes. The SEO consultant services provided by Alex and the team are fully compliant with all Google, Yahoo, and Bing webmaster guidelines regarding optimization. We’re the number one Orlando SEO consultant because we play and win the search-rankings game according to Google’s own rules. Alex Alexakis and everyone at Pixel Chefs is committed to delivering candid, actionable recommendations with real value, and providing long-term solutions for your business success. We don’t do anything that would be considered “black hat.” That’s how we’ve built long-term success as Florida’s top SEO consultant. Most important of all, we build and protect your online business for the long run by avoiding risky SEO practices that might cause Google and other search engines to penalize your site.

Can any SEO consultant guarantee that my website will reach number-one page ranking on Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

Nobody can guarantee how high a website’s search engine rankings will be. Still, our SEO process is well proven. It’s based on site expansion and thematic architecture development, and it’s been proven successful for every type of business. We leverage the appropriate keywords to help your website rise upward in the search engine page rankings, but our overall focus is on providing top-quality content for visitors. We make sure your site gives the search engines the exact types of content they want, which increases sales.

What about communication and coordination?

The most important part of our SEO consulting services is excellent communication. Clients have a direct cell phone number to reach Alex Alexakis, and our benchmark is to respond to any question within one hour during the business day.
Communication and coordination are important throughout the entire process. Before improving your search rankings, we first need to understand your business so we can make a unique plan to meet all needs.

Will you advise me of all the changes made to my site?

To improve traffic, a good local SEO consultant must make plenty of changes to a webpage’s existing coding and content. We carefully coordinate with you throughout the web design and ongoing SEO consulting process. So, you always know what the analytic data say about your business and how to improve it.

Can you help with national keywords as well as local SEO?

When it comes to local SEO consulting, we’re especially successful at putting small businesses on the map. But beyond being Orlando’s best local SEO consultants, Alex Alexakis and the Pixel Chefs team also have a long track record of success with national keywords, too.

How do you measure SEO success?

A good SEO consultant measures success based on concrete results for clients. Our bottom-line value comes from increasing the site’s online form submittals or e-commerce orders. We also increase the number of phone calls and emails your business receives.

Using proprietary analytic tools, we track and analyze the traffic to your website, including its source. We also track improvements to the website’s page ranking, they types of keywords that searchers are using to find the site, and more. The goal is to improve traffic growth and page rankings for your site.

The right SEO consultant

When it comes to SEO for local business, don’t DIY. Google search algorithms are constantly evolving, so page rankings are based on factors that change over time. Search engine optimization is based on understanding the rules and always thinking far ahead of competitors.

Too many local business people look at their websites as an afterthought, and try DIY measures to boost page rankings and online sales. Unfortunately, without help from a good SEO consultant, it’s easy to drown in the sea of online competitors.

When you use Pixel Chefs’ professional SEO consulting services, we take a holistic approach and work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy that’s sustainable both now and over the long term. Your site is far more likely to be successful this way.

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