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SEO vs PPC – Which One Is Best for You?

02 2013

SEO vs PPC – Which One Is Best for You?

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What is organic SEO?  Search engine optimization is the process of utilizing techniques to ensure that your website gets seen by your target audience if they search for keyword phrases related to the content of your site in the search engines. In order for your website to be successful and for you to receive the added benefits of organic SEO, you need to have it optimized for the search engines to bring up your website when certain keywords are typed in.

Say for example you have a website about restaurant design and you are located in Orlando, and lets say that most of people will search for  ‘restaurant design Orlando’, then  you will need to  optimize your site to show up among the top 3 for your selected keyword. Let’s face it, very few of us actually go to the second page for search results. The only way that you can achieve  this is by making sure that your website has original content, it is optimized for your local market and also has a number back-links from trusted sites within your industry.

PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising, is a model where your potential customers are driven through to your  website by clicking on a given text ad,  banner, video or ads on websites. The advertisers bid against each other for the positions found on the top and top right side of the search engine window, every time someone clicks an ad the advertiser pays a small sum to the ad publisher.

The most commonly used PPC option is Google Adwords.

If you decide to advertise your business using the PPC you must remember that you are paying to post an advertisement which is then viewed on the search engines and to different websites. Setting up a ppc campaign is very technical, time consuming and can become very expensive if the budgets, ads and keywords are not set properly for each campaign. The best solution for  a small company is to hire an Orlando SEO company that can manage these type of  campaigns.

On the other hand when you work with SEO, your website is advertised with keywords that would bring up your website to be among the top few so that people would visit your site.

It has been found that most of people are more likely to click on SEO optimized sites and the ppc ads on top of the search results.

Organic SEO VS PPC Heatmap

Depending on the type of your business and the competition it is always a good idea to mix SEO and PPC advertising to meet your needs.

For Orlando Pay Per Click and SEO that works, there is only one choice: Pixel Chefs, the Orlando SEO firm that delivers professional SEO services for small businesses. Contact Pixel Chefs today!

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