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Internet Friendly Business Cards

Internet Friendly Business Cards

Business cards have been an integral part of the way that we all do business for years and nowadays are way more important due to the fast pace and digital world that we are acquainted.  Your business cards are also the introduction to your brand this is why it is important that the image that is projected by your business cards is consistent with the image that your company projects offline and on the internet and it’s important to include all of the online contact details that new customers will need to find you on the web.

Carry your brand in your Business card

The first thing to make sure of is that your business cards clearly carry your company’s branding. When new customers use the details on your card to find your website the design of the card and the website are the same. This will let them know that they are on the correct site. Also brand consistency is usually a sign of reliable service or good product   One way to make sure of this consistency is to use the same graphic designers that designed your website to also produce and print your business cards.  Here at Pixel Chefs we are experts in creating consistent branding solutions across all of a company’s materials, from websites and packaging to menus and other business stationary and with our printing services we are able to offer high quality printing with lower cost than most of online printing sites.

Include all important contact info in your business card

The point of giving potential customers your business card is so that it is easy to for them to contact you, and yet a surprising number of people forget to include their e-mail address on their business card. Nowadays most professional people can be contacted in a variety of places online. Including LinkedIn, Facebook  and Twitter. Adding social media point of contacts on your business cards has become just as important as including your e-mail details and your physical address and phone number. Not including your online contact details could be shutting you off from a large percentage of your potential customers who may post a question for you on Facebook which they might not think important enough to take the time to call and ask you. Missing these opportunities for engagement is not a productive way to build business relationships in the modern day. It is important for a business owner to know what online points of contact are needed; you can reference our article “Promote your Business and Website with Social Media” to see if social media contacts are the way you want some of your potential clients to contact you.

Add your web address in your business card

The other detail that is too often omitted from business cards is the company’s web address. The object of leaving a business card with a customer is to promote yourself and your business and so it has become vital to use an offline source in order to drive targeted traffic to your website. Just make sure that your site communicates the message you want to give to your clients and it is easy for them to find what they need online. The only way to take advantage of all this, is to make sure that you have internet friendly business cards in order to promote your business to your customers that prefer the ease of online interaction.

Also check out this great info graphic with the history of the business card.

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