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Should I Consider SEO Before Or After I Launch My Website?

SEO before or after website launch

Should I Consider SEO Before Or After I Launch My Website?

Timing A Great Website Relaunch

Many Orlando small businesses relaunch their website after re-branding or realigning their business goals. This is a regular activity and is often an excellent choice to ensure your ongoing business success.

However, I have seen too many local businesses relaunch their website the wrong way. If you relaunch your entire site the wrong way, you could confuse Google and see a dramatic drop in traffic. Not only is this terrible for your SEO strategy, but it could also have a substantial impact on your sales and business success.

We recently relaunched PixelChefs.com, so I know how difficult it is to go through the relaunch process correctly. Not only do you have to pay close attention to the technical side of things, but you also have to do complete quality control to make sure that there are no loose ends.

This post is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to relaunching your website- that is something we would need to talk about more. Instead, this post is here as an overview to give you more general advice to relaunch your website the right way.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at my top suggestions to help you revive your site the right way and aid you rebrand your business today!

Website Graphics, Architecture, and SEO

When designing a website for your company, should you focus on the user experience or developing your site just for aesthetics? Sure, it’s important to create an eye-catching and appealing site because you want to represent your brand as an industry leader.

However, how you build the architecture and structure of your website is crucial too. While these aspects don’t include flashing graphics, the way your site is laid out makes a significant impact on how your site ranks in search engines and how easy it is for your customers to interact with your site.

Should You Focus On SEO Before or After The Launch?

A well-structured website can rank higher on Internet search engines. This is because Google crawls sites and then interprets your content with their algorithm. This combination of collection and interpretations is what factors into how well you rank on their search engine.

In the end, the higher you rank, the better chance you have to drive qualified leads and increase conversions for sales, so focusing on SEO at every step of a website relaunch is important.

Consequently, considering Search Engine Optimization elements through your design stages might help to make the process easier. This is because a great SEO strategy forces you to focus on the needs of your customers, and this approach will save you time and energy as you build a great website for your company.

A well-organized site, it’s navigation, load speed, and also the number of web pages is all important aspects to consider for the site. When you consider how your customers use your site, you will be able to optimize every aspect of your site.

In the event you spent a lot of time and money creating a beautiful internet site, you should also think about if you also paid attention to the structure of your site. This is because if your website isn’t found by search engines, then your target audience won’t have the ability to appreciate your site.

This is why you should consider SEO before everything else, and optimizing SEO will make your business website a great asset to your company.

Things to Optimize Before You Launch Your Site

While there are several advanced elements you should consider as you relaunch your site, there are some aspects that need to be optimized before you launch. These items are pretty basic, but they can have a substantial impact on your website’s performance on a larger scale.

Here are some vital components to consider for your website before launching your site:

  • Implement keywords in URL.
  • Make sure the name of each page matches the content on that page.
  • Organize content on your site in a way that makes it easy to understand what your business offers.

Along with the above considerations, you should also think about how your user will interact with your website. Take into account the various ways that your customers will consume your content. At the same time, you need to think about what Google and other search engines consider important and optimize for those factors. Here are a few of the more advanced issues you should consider before you launch your site.

1. Responsive Design

Today, your target demographic is using smartphones and tablets to search the Internet for your products and services. This means that you need to optimize your website to look good on mobile devices and not just desktops.

By designing your website with a mobile-first mind frame, you will be sure that your customers will explore your site as you intended.

2. Optimize your Visuals

Your customers love to see images, and you should use images on your site to help drive more sales. As you add more images to your site, you should also work to optimize images to improve your SEO ranking.

You can use keywords and other relevant information in the alt tags of your images. These are great tools that will help your website rank in search engines and get you found by qualified customers.

3. Link Structures that Crawl

Search engines use internal linking to understand how your content is connected. This is one way to optimize your website because you can structure your website content in a strategic way to align different content together.

Search engines like Google demand seeing links to be able to get valuable information on your website. A crawlable link structure is a format that lets the crawlers browse the pathways of a website. If there isn’t a proper link structure for your website, your SEO isn’t going to give results that are appropriate.

As a result, Google will know how your website is structured and how your content relates to each other. This makes it easier for search engines to help you get found and increase qualified traffic.

SEO as an Afterthought? It Might Be Difficult

Search Engine Optimization is not something that is done once you launch your website. In fact, SEO is an ongoing process to help make your content more relevant for your customers and optimized for Google.

I have worked with dozens of local Orlando businesses, and some of my clients have required a website shift, content revamps, and other necessary modifications to achieve high rankings in search engines.

SEO takes time.

You will find that SEO is a long-term strategy and imperative to develop yourself as a trusted authority and grow your online presence.

Expert Advice For Your Local Small Business

If you are looking for real-time professional advice to help you drive more qualified traffic and boost online sales, then you will love our SEO Meetups. We help Orlando small business owners just like you identify opportunities to improve your SEO strategy and optimize your content to get found by search engines and drive sales.

Learn how we can help your business today!

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