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How to Claim your Business On Yelp

How to Claim your Business On Yelp

The Simple Steps to claim your business on Yelp

The Internet has become an important source of customers for many small businesses, and has seen a boom in small business web design in recent years as businesses use the web to market themselves to a potentially huge audience. Claim your business on Yelp is one of the most reliable sources of new customers are business directories like Yelp.com, but to get the most out of their services it is still necessary to take the fullest possible advantage of the advertising opportunity that is offered. For most businesses, this is as simple as claiming your already existing listing on Yelp and completing the details of the business profile that is used on the site.

Yelp is an online business directory that was established in 2008 as a place on the web where customers can find the businesses that they are looking for, and also where they can leave reviews of the service that they received from those businesses. There are two types of Yelp memberships available. The first is for consumers who can leave reviews and comments using their Yelp profiles so that it is easier for their friends to see which businesses they have used and what they thought of them; www.yelp.com

Complementing this is the second type of membership:  biz.yelp.com/ –  the business membership,  which gives business owners access to their listings on the site via a simple process. Once their listing has been claimed, business owners are able to upload images, complete any contact details and post other information that relates to their business and the products that they are selling.

The two different types of Yelp Accounts

The Basic Steps

For the small number of businesses that haven’t claimed their business on Yelp, there is a very simple process for setting up a new business listing, which can be completed following a few basic steps. After you have found your business listing, it will need to be unlocked and ownership of the business will need to be confirmed by telephone with Yelp before any of the listing’s details can be altered. Once the listing has been successfully unlocked, the next step is to complete all of the profile information that is displayed about your business in the listing, including your company’s name, address and all of its contact details. It also becomes possible to upload logos and images of your business and its products, and using the same content that you used in your small business web design, is an excellent means of maintaining consistent branding on the web. Once the profile is complete, business users become able to respond to any remarks that have been left by customers on their listing and, unlike many online business listings, this can be done in either public or private messages.

The way that we are shopping has changed, and mobile devices have become an important part of the purchasing process. This makes business listings even more important, and it has become a vital aspect of small business web design strategies to include these listings as part of their overall Internet marketing plan. At Pixel Chefs, we are well equipped to help you to take advantage of your Yelp listing to attract new customers to your business.

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