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A Struggling Local Business Finds Success With PixelChefs

Like many local businesses, D&Y Remodeling was struggling to compete with their corporate competition. Their leadership tried magazine advertising, but they failed to see ROI to justify the high spend. This is where our design team at PixelChefs came in to work with the D&Y Remodeling team.

PixelChefs developed a fully-responsive website for D&Y Remodeling and created great content to help customers buy their services. Instead of taking a chance with other forms of advertising, our digital marketing experts created a robust PPC campaign to help drive qualified customers to unique landing pages.

Online Marketing: Increased Business And Job Creation

As a result of the decisions PixelChefs took, D&Y Remodeling has seen business grow over 30% YoY and more than doubled their crews to meet demand. This means that the strategic vision of PixelChefs helped grow the business and allowed D&Y Remodeling to create more jobs in their community.


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