Case Study: Kingwood Oaks

Designed for women, Kingwood Oaks is the leading substance abuse recovery center in the Houston, TX, area. Women experience different underlying causes for addiction, and this is why we offer comprehensive treatment options for women battling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The Challenge

When Kingwood Oaks approached PixelChefs, the expressed their need for entire new branding and online presence customized for the unique needs of women struggling with addiction. Our insight delivered a clean and modern website that could increase client acquisitions, generate more online admissions and have a great overall user experience.

The Approach

Our experienced strategists came together with Kingwood Oaks ownership to gain an intimate understanding of the needs of their customers. After extensive research and planning, our creative team developed a beautiful brand for Kingwood Oaks that is approachable and builds trust for their audience. Our developers streamlined the admission process and created a fully responsive website that provides user-friendly features and relevant information that is easy to access.

Design & Branding To Build Trust

Improving Lives With Professional Online Design

Kingwood Oaks provides life-saving rehabilitation services for women looking to free themselves from the bonds of addiction. Our team approached branding for Kingwood Oaks with sensitivity and respect because we knew that women struggle with unique experiences. Our creative team delivered a brand that is approachable, and we optimized development to increase admissions to help women get the help they need to live the life they deserve.

We are proud of our efforts, and you will see the passion our team puts into every project we take on. See the finished branding and design here.

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Content Crafted For Confident Women

Optimized Content To Help Women And Be Found By Search Engines

At PixelChefs, we know how important it is to craft compelling content to educate and convert readers while also getting found by search engines. We knew that creating the right brand voice was an essential part of the overall experience for women looking for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, so we built the entire user experience focused on getting women the help they need.

The professional content team at PixelChefs worked hard to create content that would build trust with their readers and foster a relationship to entice readers to take the next step in their recovery. At the same time, our content team optimized the content to ensure that Kingwood Oaks would appear high in search engines. This approach of content creation and optimization focused on usability and SEO means that Kingwood Oaks gets more qualified traffic and more women are receiving the help they need to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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