Case Study: Giordano’s Florida

Giordano’s is constantly making headlines, both in Chicago and nationally. The brand garners frequent media coverage and continuously tops “Best Pizza” lists and dining guides. Giordano’s has been acclaimed “Chicago’s Best Pizza” by NBC, CBS Chicago, New York Times, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Eater, Home & Garden Magazine, Concierge Preferred and more!

The Challenge

As a known national brand, Giordano’s Pizza needed a professional online presence that reflects their company’s image and raises awareness for their three Orlando-based restaurants. The ownership team at Giordano’s knew that the Orlando market is highly competitive and they needed a local firm that understood the Orlando tourist areas and seasons in order to help them meet their business goals.

The Approach

Our Strategists at PixelChefs worked with owners of the Florida locations to outline the needs and target areas for each store. We developed a campaign that was targeting resorts and hotels and implemented a re-targeting campaign to capture the attention of Orlando visitors during their stay.

Giordanos ppc

Advanced Paid Advertising Solutions

A Nationally Recognized Brand, Focused On Local Customers

PixelChefs focused our efforts to grab the attention of local customers through several local marketing initiatives, including PPC. Our Online Marketing experts knew that PPC in the Orlando market is expensive for the food industry, so we optimized a PPC campaign to show to a local geographic area, specific events, and catered our strategy based on seasonality.

As a result, Giordano's Pizza was able to speak directly to their customers whenever they were searching for delicious pizza in the Orlando area. PixelChef’s experience allowed the local restaurants to use their marketing budgets efficiently so they could reach a broader audience and increase sales.

Giordano's targeting

Optimizing Content For The Local Market

Brand Recognition And Increasing Customer Attention

Giordano’s Pizza is known as a leading family restaurant chain that offers unmatched quality and service. The entire PixelChefs team came together to produce locally optimized content to help the Orlando restaurants stand out. Based on our research and customer insights, our writers delivered persuasive copywriting that was optimized to help searchers find their perfect pizza and get found in search engines.

Since we knew that many hungry travelers were in the Disney area, we created unique landing pages that focused on specific keywords and topics. We used these optimized content pages to increase organic traffic to the website and integrated this optimized content into the larger marketing strategy across various channels.

Orlando Internet Marketing Services

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