Case Study: City of Casselberry Water Tower Design

A city’s water tower tells a lot about a community, and this landmark is seen by thousands of people each day. This is why Wharton Smith, a nationally recognized engineering firm, turned to PixelChefs for the design of the City of Casselberry water tower.

The Challenge

The City of Casselberry needed a new look for their iconic water tower, so they sought the help of Wharton Smith. It can be tricky to navigate through the planning, budget, and construction phases of a massive project like the redesign of a water tower, so all parties needed an experienced design firm with knowledge of various phases of public works projects.

The Approach

Since a significant publics works project like the design of a water tower can be a tiring process, the PixelChefs design team created 3D models of the project to be used by local politicians, the engineering firm, and construction companies to ensure the integrity of the project at all phases. The city of Casselberry deserved the best design options for their iconic landmark, so our team delivered various concepts and color schemes to showcase the vision.

water tower rendering

Building An Tower’s Identity

Utilizing Advanced 3D Modeling Technology For Project Designs

A project like the Casselberry water tower project can get bogged down whenever there are multiple parties involved in the decision-making process. Our strategists proved essential to guide the success of the massive public works project, and our design team utilized our advanced knowledge of 3D modeling to bring a vision of the project to life.

Instead of relying on flat 2D drawings, our design team created stunning 3D models of the water tower to emphasize the design and capabilities of the project. The 3D models allowed for the vision and concepts to be shared quickly among all parties. As a result, everyone from the local representatives, engineering firms, and the construction crews knew how to move forward quickly to fulfill the desired result!

Water tower presentation

Comprehensive Construction Planning

Technical Knowledge Meets Design Consultation

The entire PixelChefs team came together to ensure the smooth delivery of a famous water tower that the community of Casselberry would be proud of. Unlike other design projects we have worked on, this project encompassed multiple phases from technical sketching and graphic design concepts to presenting Photoshop and 3D modeling.

The experienced team at PixelChefs lead efforts at each phase of the project. If you want an expert design firm with the background and knowledge you need to accomplish a project on time and within budget, then you need a leader like PixelChefs!

Our team can create the concepts, presentation boards and 3D designs for your concept using Google Sketch-up producing detailed images of exactly what your design will look like when it is finished.