Facebook Ads and Social Media Management

There are currently more than 50 million active small business pages on Facebook and 1.7 billion users. However, because nearly 40% of those users haven’t “liked” any brand pages, paid Facebook advertisements are the only way to reach them.

Work less & earn more from each Facebook Ad you place with professional Facebook campaign management.

Facebook Management Services

Benefits of Facebook Ads Marketing

Considering working with a PPC management company to hone your Facebook ads marketing and make the most of each dollar you spend? Prepare to savor some of serious business-boosting benefits:

  • Offer Claims for Special Promotions
  • Website Clicks & Conversions
  • App Engagement
  • Page Likes & Audience Engagement
  • Increased Exposure & Brand Positioning

Facebook Campaign Management

    • Facebook Ad Creation: Art, copy, and engagement all require equal parts strategy, imagination, and elegant execution. Our Facebook PPC management stays up-to-date with the latest trends, making sure you choose the right media for your message as well as for maximum impact.

    • Precision Targeting: Hone in on your ideal customers by targeting your Facebook by dozens of factors at once: age, location, gender, geography, relationship status, income, field of study/ degree, home type, hobbies, interests, industry, shopping behavior, online spending, and more.

    • Custom Management: At Pixel Chefs, we don’t believe success ever happens on autopilot, which is why we custom manage every aspect of your Facebook ads marketing.

    • Optimize for Profits: By carefully tracking revenue, form submissions, phone calls, and sales conversions, we’re able to help you juice and justify every cent of your ad spend.

Social Media Management Pricing

Experience has taught us that our Facebook campaign management services is an excellent way for business of all sizes to improve their social media game. Clicks on Facebook are typically much cheaper than traditional PPC platforms (including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and LinkedIn). That’s why Facebook PPC is an ideal choice for budget-bound advertisers (aka…everyone).

Need help from a management agency to make your business Facebook-friendly? Want to combine our Facebook campaign management services with other Pay Per Click Advertising or social media management services? Just contact us and we’ll put together a custom quote based on your business’s best interests.

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