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Most businesses can boil down their internet marketing into a single, sad, bumper-sticker-sized slogan: I know I have to do it, but I don’t know how. Responsive web design, SEO, blogging, Facebook ads…there are more ingredients to internet marketing than there are in your pantry at this very moment. So, whether you’re aware of the latest digital marketing trends, or utterly lost in the shuffle, your business can benefit from the candid insights that only a local internet marketing expert can provide.

The internet offers infinite opportunities to engage with audiences, position your brand, and grow your business. But, successful digital marketing requires more than piecing together a website, posting on social media, and hoping for the best. It begins with a no-nonsense inbound marketing strategy that takes into account your unique market, brand vision, bandwidth, and budget.

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Positioning your brand online requires more than just Presence
on a variety of different channels. It requires Purpose.

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The digital playground is made up of hundreds of different channels - including social media, search results, email, and digital ads – and more channels are being added every day. Your challenge is to maintain a presence on those channels while extending your brand to new audiences, producing top-quality content, optimizing for key metrics, all the while aligning with your brand identity.

At PixelChefs, we believe that outstanding digital marketing requires both art & science. It takes technical prowess to fine tune your site’s search engine ranking, and creative genius to craft an inbound marketing campaign that leaves your competitors in the dust. That is why, at PixelChefs Web Design & SEO, our skilled development team, content strategists, and innovative designers all collaborate closely to bring your vision into reality.

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Stop trying to be in a thousand digital places at once. Work with a local internet marketing expert who will take your brand to infinity and beyond.