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Our Process from soup to nuts.

Step 1: Discovery


The first step that is taken when a customer enquiry is received is that the potential customer is sent a website planner. This planner consists of a series of questions that gather all of the required information for the project together for review.

The key objective of the planner is to determine:

  • Who the client is and what they do
  • What is the target market or demographic
  • Who is/are their main competitors
  • What the deliverables of the project are
  • Timeframe and budget of the project
Step 2: Planning


The next stage of the process is to undergo a full analysis of competitors' websites and determine both the positives and negatives of the design and content. This is necessary in order to fully understand the marketplace and to utilize the successes and mistakes from the competition to deliver a superior website design.

Then, we determine what can be improved on the current website and analyze it for issues such as non-semantic markup, no defensive design, invalid markup, poor Google ranking for keywords, no signup enticement and overload of available up and a myriad of other usability issues.

Step 3: Architecture


After all website considerations have been taken into account, this next step involves setting up the framework of the site. A sitemap is developed, which sets out the paths to the various links and content to be connected and found on the website. In essence, the fundamental structure of the website is designed and created at this point; all of the nitty-gritty and highly technical details are ironed out in this step. As mentioned before, the customer is involved and informed at every step of the way. We depend on client feedback and discussions to set the tone and vision for the project. We are merely the paintbrush at the hands of the client, you are the artist.

Step 4: Design


The design and branding needs of each website are different and are adjusted depending on individual needs. We start with a new canvas within Adobe Photoshop to create the masterpiece. The wireframes approved in the previous step allow us to build the real, graphical design on top of this, creating a smooth and aesthetically pleasing design.

While under construction, we give high levels of importance to details such as branding. This includes the color scheme, the mood and tone set by the overall brand image, the intended tone and target audience of the website in general. Tying together these key pieces of information is crucial for the website to succeed. Furthermore, we keep all web elements structured and in a grid system, which is highly important for fluidity.

Step 5: Development


To develop our websites, we use the latest in web technology. Tools such as HTML5 and CSS3 are pushed to their limits to deliver a highly professional design. For movements and effects, we use jQuery in place of Flash, as jQuery is friendly to SEO techniques and is fully compatible on mobile web browsers. Furthermore, we use most of the CMS systems available, such as WordPress, Drupal, and MODX.

Step 6: Testing


Before officially launching the site, we put the design and each element built into it through vigorous error testing. This ensures that the website functions as intended and will not inexplicably glitch or crash during normal operations. Our rigorous testing methods check to ensure cross-browser compatibility, functionality and usability. Once the website clears this testing phase, it is fully ready for launch.

Step 7: Support & Training


As part of our Internet Marketing services, we offer tools and techniques that allow your website to be well-known and well-promoted throughout the internet. SEO Marketing, Social Media and PPC campaigns are crucial to keeping your website on the forefront of internet marketing. Furthermore, we offer security checks and updates and website backup services. The web is an always changing and ever evolving medium and we assure you that we will be by your side every step of the way.

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