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XpressFix Expert iPhone Repair

Specializing in iPhone Repair Orlando, iPod Touch and iPad, XpressFix was founded by four friends from Oviedo, Florida in 2009. Our goal for this client was to create a strong identity that was backed up by effective marketing to make them stand out in the overcrowded phone repair marketplace. We created a brand that would be trusted by their online customers enough for them to send their expensive equipment in for repairs.

XpressFix | Web Design Orlando branding


The iPhone repair industry was very new in 2009, so there weren’t any existing brands that had already created trends in the market. Our challenge was to set up an original brand for XpressFix that would be trusted by a range of new customers.

XpressFix | Web Design Orlando web design & marketing

Web Design & Marketing

XpressFix uses their online store at www.XpressFix.com to generate their revenue. Our Web Design Orlando team had the challenge to get a high Google ranking for a highly competitive keyword: "iPhone repair". Using Mod X for the website and online storefront with its excellent content management and focus on SEO, we got XpressFix into the top 3 rankings on Google for "iPhone repair".

XpressFix | Web Design Orlando web app

Web App Development

Even though XpressFix had a low startup budget and set strict time constraints, we were still able to develop a custom jQuery diagnostic app that examines your device for problems for them. In fact, the app that we designed for them received the silver W3 award in 2011.

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