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5 Reasons to Invest in a Website

February 27, 2012
5 Reasons to Invest in a Website illustration by Bree Lundberg –

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Looking though the myriad businesses and stores down Main Street of your average town, it is surprising to see how many of these businesses still do not have or refuse to establish any kind of web presence. Business may be good, and the prevailing attitude is “If it’s not broken, then why fix it?” To these business owners, a website seems like superfluous waste of money with little promise of financial return. Unfortunately, what might be doing well now may not be suited to the economic and business environment of the future. So if your business is doing well, why should you pay for a professionally designed website?

A website is an interactive pamphlet

Until recently, pamphlets, brochures or promotional pens were the number one way of informing customers about your business, and the products and services that it offers. They contained a large amount of important information for your customers in one easy-to-read format. A website serves the same purpose, it provides customers with valuable information and is accessible by anyone, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Tools such as Orlando SEO allow a website to be fully visible and be featured prominently within search engines.

A website expands your business

In the digital era, a website is simply indispensable in reaching vast amounts of consumers. As many customers have chosen to do their shopping via the internet. A website is necessary to reach the 30% of your target market that no longer shops in person. Customers no longer do business with companies that do not have an online presence, or have badly designed websites.

A website increases business confidence

A clean, professional, well designed website with the perfect application of content, navigation and accessibility increases the confidence of consumers that they are doing business with a professional and forward thing company. Design is a telltale mark of professionalism and competence and nothing paints a company more ill-reputable than a poorly designed website. Websites by Orlando Web Design will go a long way to sway customers to do business with your company.

A website is a 24/7 marketplace

A website lets your business be open any day, hour, week or place of the world. The internet is an incredible network of global computers, and many internet users have no qualms about doing business with a foreign company, as long as their website looks legitimate and trustworthy. A website, however, allows you to attract customers throughout the world. A well designed website, along with strategic use of Orlando SEO articles lets your website obtain customers globally.

A website promotes future business

A website allows your company to lower its overall marketing expenses by serving as a one-stop-shop tool for customer and vendor relationship management. You can improve your productivity through the use of customer support tools such as online forms, information databases, product calendars, newsletters, etc. The possibilities are limitless. The use of digital technology within this area has allowed for increases in productivity and the overall fundamental efficiencies of a business. Since nearly all major business have an online presence, it is an essential tool for any organization hoping to stay competitive with its peers.

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